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15 The Dark Side Of Circuses And Zoos

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We do a lot of countdowns here at the Brilliant, but rarely do we do a countdown as disturbing and saddening as this one. It’s important for people to be aware of the atrocities certain animals are victims to. Have you ever seen the conditions circus animals are subjected to? What about animals living in certain zoos. If you want to see how far the cruelty of humans can go, you need to see this, as we look at the dark side of circuses and zoos.

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Miserable Lives Of Animals At The Circus

When circuses are touring, animals are forced to live in collapsible, temporary accommodations, and welfare is inevitably compromised. An investigation of Peter Jolly's Circus winter quarters reveals that life is just as miserable for circus animals when they are not touring. The bottom line is cash for these businesses, and they shouldn't be allowed to exist if they treat animals this way. Activists protested at the Alveley and Wombourne shows in April 2019 as staff intimidated and disrupted the event. Peter Jollys Wild Animal Circus has been enslaving and torturing animals for generations with their insistence to force sentient beings to perform unnatural and ridiculous tricks. They also keep the animals in cruel living circumstances which are anything but natural to the creatures kept in Peter Jollys Circus captivity.

The animals are tied in sheds for the winter and tortured by staff, then during touring months, forced to travel most days and perform repetitive acts twice a day. This is not natural, and they deserve to be free! This footage was filmed by Animal Defenders International and reveals the dismal daily lives of the last big cats performing in a British circus. There was no respite for the lions and tigers owned by Thomas Chipperfield, who trucked up to Scotland on a grueling 24-hour journey at the end of the Peter Jolly's Circus 2014 tour. The big cat trainer has since gone it alone, presenting 'An Evening with Lions and Tigers' which was met with widespread opposition during its 2015 season in Wales. The circus withdrew its application to tour England after an inspection found the animals' living conditions to be woefully inadequate.

The Dark World Of Captive Wildlife Tourism

Wildlife tourism is a massive industry. People go on vacation and pay money to either view or interact with animals. I don’t think we can ignore the role that social media plays. The sheer number of people now, not only posting their travel experiences but consuming others’ travel experiences means that these things are spread in an instant with the click of a button. But the issue with wildlife tourism is most people have absolutely no idea what goes on behind the scenes. There are hot spots around the world where this industry is a big part of the economy. But what you think is going on, and what’s really going on will leave you perplexed, to say the least. Especially in Thailand.

This is a place that puts on monkey shows, and as you can see behind this woman, this monkey is in a small metal cage, and you can see he’s jumping over and over. This is called zoochosis. Animals that are kept in captivity do this when they’re in psychological distress. This next sequence takes place on the top floor of a zoo at a shopping mall in Bangkok. Animals are living in conditions that no living being should be living in. The only gorilla in Thailand is apparently living at this zoo. The gorilla is reaching its hand through the cage onto a puddle on the concrete floor scooping up fingerfuls of water. It seems it’s the only way he can have access to drinking water. During a show, the crocodiles are constantly dragged around by their tails with the trainers smacking them on the head with sticks, and the entire crowd laughs. It’s designed as a comedy routine.

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