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Indie Folk Music To Help You Sleep ~ Indie/Folk/Acoustic Songs (Sleeping Playlist)

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Indie Folk Music To Help You Sleep ~ Indie/Folk/Acoustic Songs (Sleeping Playlist)

Need music for sleeping? Fall asleep quickly listening to this relaxing video playlist of acoustic indie folk songs by the best indie folk bands. Perfect to use as part of your sleep routine to help you wind down and help you sleep deeply.

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~ Tracklist ~
00:00 I Will Fool You - Bothnia
03:39 Sons and Daughters - Nickolas Jones
06:45 Fall into You - Houses On The Hill
09:38 I Am Better Off (Acoustic Version) - Wildson
13:04 Call Me out Tiger - Velvet Moon
16:38 I Want You to Stay - Dayon
19:55 Bye Bye Love - Windshield
23:29 Reckless - The Eastern Plain
27:44 Do You Ever Wonder - Sleepaway Camp
31:27 Know Me - Las Lunas
35:29 All Of The Time - Go For Howell
38:57 Today Is a Good Day to Live - John T. Graham
43:24 Love Story - Velvet Moon
46:36 Weather Any Storm - Cody Francis
49:17 Differently - Sture Zetterberg
51:53 Next Sunday - Roots and Recognition
55:07 The Concept Of You And I - Lars Lowe
59:00 I'm Dreaming Of You - Candelion
1:02:22 Love You For It All - Daniel Gunnarsson
1:05:43 Taking Me High, Taking Me Low - Gold Flow
1:09:01 Beach Bonfire - Sandro
1:12:10 There He Goes - Loving Caliber
1:15:12 I'm Thinking about You - Windshield
1:18:56 The Search for You - Cian Buckley
1:22:29 Anything for You - Sam Shore
1:25:53 Sweet Embrace - Go For Howell
1:28:54 Taking Off - Ramin
1:33:06 Lottery - Ten Towers
1:35:58 I Remember - Dayon
1:39:45 There's a New Day - Staffan Carlen
1:43:06 Wrong Team - Sture Zetterberg
1:46:32 Kids in Love - Tellow
1:49:33 I'm Not Over You - Dayon
1:53:28 Running Circles - Cody Francis
1:56:56 Soldier On - John T. Graham
2:00:29 Faster Car (Acoustic Version) - Loving Caliber

~ More Music ~
Nostalgic Vibes Playlist: https://youtu.be/50kjJ9QqBF8
Indie Folk Songs For Sleeping: https://youtu.be/D05YNQrFZpM
Indie Folk Snowy Winter Playlist https://youtu.be/iJdhHwpbii4

~ Credits ~
Music: Epidemic Sound: https://bit.ly/38JUWcs

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